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Security Leadership Exchange Set to Address Next-Gen Needs for Corporate Security Execs


Southboro, MA – nGage Events and MIS Training Institute (MISTI) have teamed up to stage an invitation-only business forum dubbed Security Leadership Exchange to address the needs of corporate security officers who hold top-level positions in their organizations.

The goal of the program is to help chief information security officers change with the times as they are increasingly called upon to address security strategy as well as the nuts-and-bolts of the technology as well as other issues within the corporate structure.

The Security Leadership Exchange, set for the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida Sept. 24-26, will feature keynote addresses, case studies, panels and breakout sessions designed to help security officials determine what next-generation security leadership will entail.

Topics expected to be covered will include the ramifications of data breaches, loss of intellectual property, theft of customer data, and the implications of these things on potential lawsuits and the company’s financial performance.

By combining the expertise of nGage in staging hosted-model events and the experience of MIS Training on information security and audit training, organizers hope the event will assist Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) extend their expertise to strategic plans for their companies as well as addressing technology and other security tools useful in the corporate environment.

nGage President and CEO Phil McKay said in an announcement of the event that “Combining MISTI’s long-time focus on serving and educating the InfoSec market with nGage’s proven expertise in producing successful invitation-only, hosted buyer events makes (this event’s) focus and format a winning formula (for CISOs).”

McKay this week also moderated the Power Lunch panel at Trade Show Executive’s Gold 100 program in Carlsbad, CA and in August was a key speaker at the SISO Leadership Conference in Cleveland.

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