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RX Austria & Germany Signs ADITUS As Exclusive Registration Partner

Frances Ferrante, Senior Editor

Headshot of Luke Camphausen

LONDON — Trade show giant Reed Exhibitions Group (RELX Group) has announced a multi-year agreement for RX Austria & Germany to use the German firm, ADITUS, as its exclusive ticketing partner. ADITUS’ multi-level services include registration and operational control, as well as digital marketing.

ADITUS’ “Exhibitor Service Center” allows exhibitors to directly invite their customers and insert targeted advertisements into the ticket store. Visitors can notify their contacts via social media and invite them to join. The ADITUS suite of services also includes real-time reporting of updated registration and admission statistics, and push reports providing all relevant KPIs.

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The company also recently added the “G³ Fast Lane,” to which participants can upload digital vaccination proof during advance registration and have that verified online so they can immediately enter the show. The system also allows on-site attendees to scan their EU certificates of vaccination for verification.

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ADITUS, founded in 1998 and based in Hannover, Germany, has coordinated the visitor flow at numerous international events, including major trade and consumer shows, conventions and cultural events in Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy and Switzerland. RX subsidiary Mack Brooks has partnered with ADITUS since 2018  for on-site admissions support, including live badge printing, as well as for exhibitor services.

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“In ADITUS, we have found a reliable partner for ticketing and admission solutions. Above all, we were impressed by their focus on the user experience,” Lukas Camphausen, Head of Digital Operations at RX Austria & Germany, said.


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