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Randall-Reilly to Shift into High Gear after Sale to Investcorp


Tuscaloosa, AL – Investcorp today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Randall-Reilly Publishing Company, LLC from Wachovia Capital Partners.

Randall-Reilly, the Alabama company that organizes two major U.S. trucking shows, was sold after a relatively short period of ownership marked by rapid expansion. Under Investcorp’s ownership, Randall-Reilly is expecting the pace of growth to pick up even further. “Because of the size of Investcorp, we potentially have the opportunity to expand our operations perhaps more than we would have with Wachovia,” said Alan Sims, director of event sales & marketing.

Details of the growth strategy were not discussed, but Sims made it clear in an interview with Trade Show Executive that Randall-Reilly would not be shy about expanding beyond its core trucking sector. “We are looking to expand our publishing, trade show and data businesses into areas where they haven’t yet been developed,” Sims said. “We are looking to continue to reinvest in the products we have while reaching out for new opportunities in other industries.”

Publishing, events and data were the basis for Randall-Reilly’s impressive success with the Great American Trucking Show and the Great West Truck Show. Sims said both events grew by leaps and bounds as Randall-Reilly refocused them and improved the marketing. “The Great American Trucking Show in Dallas changes dramatically every year,” Sims said. “Since 2003, our net square footage has doubled, which has helped us keep that show recognized within the industry.”

Sims added: “We will continue to reinvest in order to grow the shows and gain recognition for them. And we will also certainly keep our eyes open for any new opportunities within the trucking industry.”

Randall-Reilly’s likely course appears to be the launching of new events or partnerships in existing trade shows.

Investcorp liked what it saw in Randall-Reilly as it explored the deal with Berkery Noyes as its financial adviser. Managing Director Sean Madden said, “We believe the company has a terrific franchise with significant opportunities to grow.”

Along with solid expertise in show management and industry publications, Randall-Reilly also has an in-house database firm that offers significant support to trade show marketing and program development. The Equipment Data Associates unit can churn-up lists of potential customers from its massive files on virtually any company that finances, re-finances or leases a piece of heavy equipment in the U.S.

Sims told TSE that the database was actually larger for the construction industry than for trucking, and has also delved into sectors for potential shows that Randall-Reilly was not currently involved in. “We have the magazines that reach every segment of the trucking marketplace as well as the data to properly promote them, and then the expertise to produce the event,” Sims said. “We have a pretty complete package.”

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