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Quake Disrupts Air Travel in Japan, Pacific Rim


Tokyo, Japan – Damage and disruption to Japan’s trade show industry was unclear in the hours after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake, but not air travel throughout the Far East.

Most flights in and out of the Tokyo area were either cancelled or diverted to other airports as the nation grappled with the immediate aftermath of the deadly shaker.

Communications with venues and show managers were difficult and websites were not being updated. The most significant damage appeared to be centered along the northeast coast.

Tokyo appeared to have escaped widespread devastation, although power outages and the halt of rail traffic left scores of commuters stranded.

The tsunami generated by the quake reached as far as California. Hawaii was also in the path of the waves but escaped with little damage.

“Travelers heading to Hawaii should continue to do so with confidence after checking with their airline as there may be some temporary delays,” the Hawaii Convention and Visitors Bureau said in a statement. “Those traveling to Japan should call their airline carrier for the latest flight updates and information.”

Reach Hawaii Convention and Visitors Bureau at (800) 464-2624 or

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