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New Pop-Up Rideshare App To Target Trade Shows

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LAS VEGAS—A new Pop-Up Rideshare app seeks to disrupt transportation at trade shows by charging sponsors—not riders—for a lift. 

Gone are the days of long waits and price surges that come with the territory for Uber and Lyft customers. Enter Pop-Up Rideshare, the first-of-its-kind transportation solution to operate as a pop-up in conjunction with large-scale events—and best of all, it’s free for users. 

Corporate sponsors looking for a fresh approach for their trade show branding campaigns can offer free rides to their customers during peak travel times, such as arrival and departure, as well as to and from special events held in conjunction with the show. All riders need to do is download the Pop-Up Rideshare app from the App Store or Google Play, or the sponsors’ own mobile apps. 

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Pop-Up Rideshare has created a variety of customizable promotional packages that include the complimentary rideshare service and lead generation through the app downloads, as well as vinyl car wrapping with their logos and even video marketing. 

The company will roll out first in Las Vegas, where it is onboarding 500 drivers now. Its focus will be large business events and conventions that attract 150,000-plus attendees, such as the Consumer Electronics Show, where sponsors will be able to advertise directly to consumers both inside and outside the vehicles. 

The founders of Pop-Up Rideshare are the people who started Ride Austin, a popular  Texas-based nonprofit rideshare company that ceased operations during the pandemic. 

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“Pop-Up Rideshare brings a completely new concept to the transportation industry, while providing corporate sponsors with the unique opportunity to have hundreds of thousands of users download their apps to redeem complimentary rides,” Dave Evans, CEO, Pop-Up Rideshare, said. 

Once up and running in Vegas, Evans plans to bring this corporate-sponsored rideshare model to other markets in the future. 

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