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PennWell Corporation’s LED & Lighting Network, LEDs Magazine Team Up for New Event


Tulsa, Okla – A one-day conference focused on the way light affects the mind and body will be launched this summer in Newport Beach, CA. Presented by LEDs Magazine, which is owned by PennWell Corp. and is part of the PennWell LED & Lighting Network, the conference will explore advances in the human-centric lighting market.

Set for the Newport Beach Marriott, conference sponsors include Pinnacle Architectural Lighting and LUXTECH and will provide attendees information about the latest technologies and techniques in this growing sector focused on the ways lighting can affect mood, productivity and health.

The conference will cover scientific findings about the influence of light on the body, how to apply this knowledge, and how lighting can be used to improve outcomes in nursing homes, schools and workplaces, as well as market trends in this sector. It’s aimed at a variety of professionals who manage healthcare or office facilities, academic facility operators, compliance directors and lighting designers. The goal is to help lighting professionals choose the best light in healthcare, office and school settings and improve the way people work and feel.

“This special conference is a unique opportunity to bring the research, supplier and end-user sectors together to exchange valuable information to drive the industry forward,” noted James Highgate, Conference Program Chair, in the release announcing the conference.

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Reach James Highgate at (918) 835-3161 or

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