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NTP Acquires TS2 – The Trade Show about Trade Shows


Chicago, IL –  The Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA)  announced today that it has sold its TS2 – The Trade Show About Trade Shows to National Trade Productions (NTP) for an undisclosed amount. TSEA will remain the show sponsor and continue to create and direct its educational content and host its annual meeting at TS2.  When last held in July 2004, TS2 spanned 36,700 net square feet of exhibit space and drew 2,337 attendees —down from its high of  62,500 net square feet in 2001 and 4,244 attendees in 2000.

Michael Bandy, President of TSEA, says the move will enhance TS2 by allowing everyone involved to focus on what they do best.  TSEA will create tools and education to help exhibitors succeed and NTP will manage and market the show. “TSEA remains committed to TS2. We will retain our voice in the event and our members will still receive discounts,” he says. Another benefit of the transaction is that there will be no learning curve — NTP has managed TS2 for TSEA since its 2000 show in Washington, DC.


Robert Harar, Chairman, National Trade Productions, says the acquisition fits well with NTP’s growth strategy. He says, “We are committed to serving the exhibit manager community—it’s a show and an industry we believe in.” In addition, Harar announced five initiatives to enhance TSwhich are being launched immediately. They are:

1.      Double the attendee marketing budget to increase awareness and attendance.

2.      Shorten the exposition portion of TS2 from three days to two as indicated by 70% of the responses to the TS2 2004 attendee and exhibitor surveys.

3.      Name Steve Greenspan to oversee the show’s strategic direction in the role of Executive Director Business Development. Greenspan was most recently with PGI for nine years.

4.      Expand the show’s reach to the corporate event market to reflect the growing overlap between corporate exhibit and event responsibilities.

5.      Create a new exhibitor advisory committee.


Earlier this year, TSEA had announced its plan to move management of TS2 in-house for its 2005 show, with the exception of its marketing efforts which had remained with NTP. Although this change had been implemented, responsibility for all operations will be resumed by NTP immediately.  In previous years, TS2 had been managed by Conference Management Group, the Rebedeau Group and in-house.


Reach Michael Bandy, President, TSEA at 312-949-5781 or; Robert Harar, Chairman, National Trade Productions (NTP) at 703-683-8500 or