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New Questex Summit Seeks to Advance the Future of Broadband with New Launch

Frances Ferrante, Senior Editor
New Questex Summit Seeks to Advance the Future of Broadband

NEW YORK—A new event by Questex Technology Group will bring the entire broadband industry together to discuss the future of connectivity in the United States—with the greater mission of advancing broadband for all. The inaugural U.S. Broadband Summit, which will take place November 15-17, 2023, at the Renaissance Downtown Hotel in Washington, D.C., expects to attract more than 600 federal funding leaders and state representatives, along with tech leaders from across the broadband and telecommunications industries.

The event joins Fierce Telecom and Fierce Wireless, two Questex brands focused on technology and connectivity, and the company has held virtual events on broadband and wireless access since 2019. “Our aim is to bring together all of the different pockets of technology addressing the digital divide, by providing connectivity to those underserved,” Alejandro Piñero, Head of Content, Fierce Technology Group, said. “Given our readership and subscribers, alongside our experience running events on these topics, we have a unique and unparalleled community to reach out to and bring together.”

This is a pivotal moment to launch the U.S. Broadband Summit, according to Piñero. “We have what is often referred to as a ‘once in a generation’ opportunity when it comes to broadband deployment in the United States. Due to the sheer vastness of the country and the complicated economics related to connecting small, rural communities, deploying fiber or wireless networks is expensive, and connecting a few people is often not economically feasible without federal support or outside funding.”

Federal funds and grants have recently been made available to address this issue. “This influx of money into the industry has created a unique opportunity for new business in areas that were previously challenging to reach,” Piñero said.

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The Summit’s robust educational program will feature 60 speakers in 40 sessions, including Tom Maguire, COO of Brightspeed; Joe Costello, CEO of Kwikbit; Fred Engel, CTO of PBS North Carolina; and the leaders of many state broadband organizations, from the Kansas Office of Broadband Development to the Maine Connectivity Authority.

An event highlight will be the first-ever U.S. Broadband Summit Impact Awards to honor the best solutions, programs, use cases, technology and individuals across the wider broadband industry. The celebration will be held the evening of November 16 at The Renaissance Downtown Hotel.

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