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New People-Mover and Numerous Openings Coming to Las Vegas

Frances Ferrante

LAS VEGAS — With Elon Musk’s twin tunnels at the Las Vegas Convention Center now complete and expected to open to the public in January, his Boring Company is already taking steps to expand the innovative people-mover system throughout the city.

The soon-to-open $52 million “Convention Center Loop” will connect the Las Vegas Convention Center to its West Hall expansion, transporting convention attendees across the 200-acre campus in less than two minutes. And now, steps are being put in place for Musk’s “Vegas Loop,” which will connect all the major tourist destinations along the Strip. Passengers will ride in Tesla Model Xs, Model 3s and a “tram” built on the Model 3 platform that can hold up to 16 passengers at a time, traveling through the tunnels at speeds of up to 155 miles per hour. Vegas Loop will stretch as far north as downtown Las Vegas and as far south as the Allegiant Stadium.

“The Vegas Loop will be a game-changer for our visitors seeking to quickly access world-class attractions and resorts throughout the destination in a fun and convenient way,” said Steve Hill, LVCVA President and CEO.

The Boring Company prepares to lower the drill head for the People Mover tunnel which will connect convention halls as part of the LVCCD Phase 2 construction in the Red Lot east of the south Hall at the Las Vegas Convention center on Monday, Oct. 28, 2019. (Mark Damon/Las Vegas News Bureau)

The news about the people-mover tops off a list of announcements illustrating that business in Las Vegas is returning to normal after a dismal period due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Three hotel developments are slated to debut in the next few months: , set to open next summer. Two major shows will be reopening at the end of this month: Absinthe will reopen at Caesars Palace on October 28, and Piff the Magic Dragon will return to the Flamingo on October 29. Both shows will need to limit audiences to the maximum occupancy allowed under state regulations: 250 people.

Next year will bring a slate of exciting talent to Vegas, including residencies by Grammy Award-winning megastar Usher, with dates next July and December, and a five-night residency next August and September by the British icon Morrissey, both at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

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