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New Exhibitor Representation Program a Win-Win for Show Organizers and Exhibitors

Frances Ferrante

LAS VEGAS/CHICAGO — In these times, it’s challenging—or outright impossible—for many exhibitors to travel to international shows. That’s the premise behind the International Exhibitor Representation Program (IERP).

The brainstorm of industry pros Diane Bjorklund, Founder of Eventful Management Group, and Stephanie Selesnick, President of International Trade Information, Inc., the new program taps into their global network of friends and colleagues to fill in for exhibitor teams around the world.

“The response has been amazing, with interest from here in the United States and all over the world,” said Selesnick. “In fact, we’ve already fielded calls and have some meetings set up over the next couple of weeks. Clearly, there is a need for this kind of program.”

Stephanie Selesnick

A far superior alternative to hiring models or students to staff a booth, IERP offers everything from simple staffing needs to turnkey packages, which include booth logistics, appointment setting and pre-promotion. It depends on the client’s needs and the country in which they are exhibiting. If there are detailed questions that the representatives cannot answer on site, IERP provides a company contact who is available during show hours to reach out to for answers.

“To our knowledge, there’s nothing like this on this global scale,” Selesnick said. “We think for the foreseeable future it’s a win, especially for small- and medium-sized businesses who presently export or want to export but are unable to travel to the physical show site. It’s also a win for show organizers who want international exhibiting companies, as well as for their attendees who are looking for a variety of sources to buy from.”

Last but not least, she added, “It allows us to put some exhibition industry colleagues all over the world to work. We call that a win-win all around.”

Reach Diane Bjorklund at (630) 863-8915 or and Stephanie Selesnick  at (818) 497-5000 or


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