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Myrtle Beach Convention Center Open Despite Wildfire


Myrtle Beach, SC – The Myrtle Beach Convention Center was conducting business as usual April 23 as an uncontained wildfire destroyed as many as 70 homes in the popular resort area.

Operations at the center were not interrupted, and the annual meeting of The Association of Free Community Papers was expected to take place as scheduled during the weekend, Brian Monroe, director of sales and marketing for the center, told Trade Show Executive. “Fortunately for the convention center and our customers, the fire is about 10-15 miles north of us and unless there is some sort of drastic wind change, we should not be affected,” he said. “Some of the roads coming into the city have been closed but there are alternate routes and the airport is not affected.”

The fire that broke out in tough terrain of thick vegetation and peat in North Myrtle Beach was proving to be difficult to battle. About 2,500 people had been forced from their homes as of April 23 and media reports said blowing smoke was wafting through some of the tourist areas along the beach.

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