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More Space, Fewer People at December 2017 Trade Shows


CHICAGO — Bigger exhibit spaces with fewer exhibitors and attendees. That’s what newly released data about December 2017 revealed in Trade Show Executive’s exclusive Dashboard of Monthly Trade Show Metrics.

Perhaps the most dramatic number is the 4.4% drop in exhibitors at the 16 trade shows in December. Even though it’s a historically slow month, attendance numbers at the December shows dropped 1.5% compared to last year.

There was still plenty of encouraging news in the data: the Fourth Quarter, and the year, finished in the black. Exhibitor space grew by 2.2% in December.

Overall, 2017 ended fairly flat in terms of exhibit space, exhibitors and attendance. Industry growth slowed in 2017, but still grew slightly. The data show that, for the year, exhibit space was up by 1.8% compared to 2016. Exhibitors rose by 0.3%, and attendance picked up 0.5%.

The results were likely affected by Emerald Expositions going public this year, requiring them to remove their shows’ data from the Dashboard metrics.

With the economy doing well and unemployment remaining low, eyes are still on the future of international trade, which could have a serious impact on corporate growth and international exhibitions.

Other noteworthy numbers regarding December 2017:

  • CLEAN GULF Conference and Exhibition in Houston posted a 50% increase in attendance, and a 10.4% increase in exhibitors.
  • The 59th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition in Atlanta increased exhibitors by 38.5%
  • The Las Vegas show by Gold 100 member POWER-GEN International was about 15-17% smaller than last year. While attended by more than 222,000 people from 104 countries, this year saw 165 fewer exhibitors and 3,220 fewer attendees, the data showed.

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