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Montgomery Exhibitions to Hold Two Shows in Libya Next Year


London – Montgomery Exhibitions is returning to the Libyan market with two trade shows and conferences in early 2012.  The U.K.-based exhibition organizer put its Libyan trade show program on hold in February following political unrest in the region. In the last six months, the Libyan National Transitional Council (LNTC), backed by NATO and international governments, took control of the country from former dictator Muammar Gaddafi and his forces.  With the news yesterday of Gaddafi’s death, the timing couldn’t be better.

The shows include the launch of ReBuild Libya 2012 and the return of Oil and Gas Libya 2012. Both are expected to be held in the First Quarter. Montgomery said it is already in discussions with appropriate Ministries of the LNTC to gain support and patronage for these two events as well as others proposed for the region. Oil and Gas was originally scheduled to be held this October.

“We have been watching Libya very closely,” said Damion Angus, managing director of  Montgomery. “We have a good joint venture partner out there and have remained close to them throughout the troubles.”

ReBuild Libya 2012 will include an exhibition and conference and is focused on regeneration of the country’s oil, gas and petrochemicals sectors. These will take place concurrently at Tripoli’s international fairground.

Montgomery said the exhibition and conference programme will play a major role in helping the LNTC to manage the country’s reconstruction while bringing international experts to Libya to help support future development. Exhibitors will include international producers and suppliers of equipment, materials, products, technology, consultancy services, management capability and financial expertise

Montgomery plans to launch an extensive exhibitor promotion program aimed at foreign governments, government export agencies, trade associations and industry.

The plans for Libya are similar to Montgomery’s efforts in Nigeria and West Africa using exhibitions as a vehicle for bringing international business to the region.

Source:  Exhibition World, a media partner of Trade Show Executive

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