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Midlife is the Focus of Thriv, a New Atlantic City Show Created by Industry Visionaries

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ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — A new trade show in Atlantic City, NJ, hopes to change the common idea that midlife is an ambiguous stage of life. Thriv, being held Oct. 14-15, 2023, challenges that idea by focusing on those 45 years and up, looking to flourish through the subsequent phases of life.

“We have packed two days full for people who want to explore new ideas, make new connections and have fun,” Martha Donato, CEO, Founder and President of MAD Event Management, which is co-hosting the event, said. “Here, you’ll find inspiration for how you want to spend your time and energy now and the information you need to make choices for your future.”

Getting a new trade show off the ground is a challenging task. “The road has been twisting and turning, to say the least, in trying to get it to market. Fortunately, Atlantic City had the patience to support us through date changes, rebranding and even the vision. This demographic is underrepresented, and we wanted to build an event that we would attend because so many of our peers are struggling in the same way,” Marty Glynn, CEO of MAD Event Management, said. “No need to struggle. Find your tribe and have a few laughs as you sort out the possibilities of what your next chapter might be. We built in art and storytelling, drinking and cooking and travel, to name a few.”

Today’s adults are living longer and healthier than previous generations. Midlife is the time to enjoy all life has to offer. It is also time to take care of yourself and have fun. Bringing the event to Atlantic City exposes the community to a vast audience of enthusiastic, like-minded people.

“The cultural sentiment around aging has shifted. It is a milestone that is celebrated, but also requires a new mindset — particularly when it comes to health priorities,” said Leah Smith, GSK Medical Expert. “No matter how healthy you may feel, as we age, the immune system begins aging. So, we are partnering with Thriv to encourage adults 50 years and older to prioritize their health.”

Atlantic City is an ideal destination for this gathering, located within one-third of the nation’s population. For many, it is a car ride away.

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“Thriv is one-of-a-kind, and we are thrilled to partner with the team to bring this trade show to Atlantic City and serve this age group,” Larry Sieg, President and CEO of Visit Atlantic City, said.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, those 58- to 76-year-olds are the second-largest population group, encompassing 69.6 million people. 

Jim McDonald, General Manager of the Atlantic City Convention Center, echoed the sentiment: “We are thrilled to expand OVG360’s partnership with MAD Event Management,” he said.

Thriv will feature activities, entertainment, financial options and issues, health and wellness, relationships and community, travel, leisure and hobbies. Actor Kelsey Grammer, Chef David Burke and author Michael Clinton of “Roar Into the Second Half of Your Life (Before It’s Too Late) will be in attendance. For more information, go to 

Reach Martha Donato at (845) 545-0653 or; Marty Glynn at (201) 954-7320 or; Larry Sieg at

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