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Marketer Enthusiasm for Trade Shows Demonstrated in Cutting-Edge Research that Measures by Milliseconds


London, UK – A research study out of Great Britain using the Implicit Response Testing (IRT) technique shows corporate marketers and executives are adamantly convinced about the effectiveness of face-to-face marketing.

FaceTime determined that 80% of marketers believe trade shows and other face-to-face marketing delivers a higher ROI than other media.  At the same time, 85% of company directors consider face-to-face to be their second-best sales tool, right behind their company website.

Another 90% agreed buyers are likely to trust a sales representative they can look in the eye more than someone whom they communicate with by telephone or email. And 80% agreed customers spend more money with people and companies they have interacted with in person as compared to sales reps they have not.

“This is great news for our industry,” said Jim Curry, director of FaceTime. “It focuses on the ability to deliver results for exhibitors. Marketers recognize the benefits of other platforms, but it is the personal nature of face-to-face that converts sales leads into cash.”

The full report, which was compiled for FaceTime by Cog research, is available at

Milliseconds Count with Implicit Response Testing

The conclusions are particularly clear due to the influence of IRT in the survey. Implicit Response Testing records not only the answer to the survey’s yes-or-no answers but also the time it took for the 149 respondents to come up with the response within milliseconds. A large number of respondents answered the questions almost immediately, indicating they were already convinced and did not have to ponder their answers or give a response they were not entirely convinced of.Curry said IRT actually reveals what respondents believe on a subconscious level. “The nature of attending an event means the visitors are seriously interested in products and services being showcased,” he said. “Nobody wants to waste time with tire-kickers and incidental inquiries.”

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