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Maritz Global Events Wellbeing Kicks Off at IMEX, Adding BPA Worldwide’s iCompli Sustainability Division

Frances Ferrante, Senior Editor

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SHELTON, Conn. Global assurance provider BPA Worldwide’s iCompli Sustainability Division is the latest member of the newly created Maritz Global Events Wellbeing Network.

The BPA iCompli Sustainability Carbon Footprint Measurement Tool measures the carbon footprint of an event and then offers guidance to improve it.

Here’s how it works: In Phase 1, “Discovery & Assessment,” participating organizers are educated on the information required to complete the carbon footprint assessment. Phase 2 consists of coordinating with the BPA iCompli Sustainability team to ensure all the organizer’s information is complete and the carbon footprint calculation is provided. Once the report is received, Maritz Global Events analyzes the results and provides recommendations for improvement of the carbon footprint. In Phase 3, Maritz Global Events will work with the organizer to ensure those recommendations are implemented.

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“We are excited to be a part of the Maritz Global Events Wellbeing Network,” Glenn Hansen, BPA President and CEO, said. “Our Carbon Footprint Measurement Tool will help organizers better understand the value of a green initiative on our environment and at the same time help set them apart from others in the industry.”

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The Maritz Wellbeing Network was just introduced during the IMEX America Show in Las Vegas a group of providers who offer unique products and services that align with and promote five “dimensions of well-being:”  Environmental Wellbeing, Personal Wellbeing, Career Wellbeing, Financial Wellbeing and Social Wellbeing. In addition to BPA’s iCompli Sustainability, new members include Soothe, Office Meet Yoga, Young Living and Heka Health.

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“Our clients have exclusive access to these members because they are Maritz Global Events’ clients,” Rachael Riggs, CMP, DES, Wellbeing Leader at Maritz Global Events, said. “I created this because within our new Wellbeing practice I wanted to create a full-service offering of design and implementation. I wanted to embrace the companies I know outside of the event industry to create this network and bring them in to help create an amazing event experience.

“The plan for this network is to keep it small and exclusive. We have five members of the network now with a few more on the horizon shortly. Additionally,  as part of the selection process, we look for members that are innovative and willing to try new things with us and our clients to take the experience to the next level.”

Reach Glenn Hansen at or (203) 447-2801; Rachael Riggs at or (636) 827-0536

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