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MAD Event Management and Sitarian Create Electric Vehicle Industry Trade Show

Andrea Doyle, Executive Editor
Detroit Huntington Place
Detroit’s Huntington Place will be the home of the new EV Exchange show.

DETROIT — MAD Event Management and Sitarian Corporation have joined forces to create The Electric Vehicle + Energy Infrastructure Innovation & Sustainability Exchange (the EV Exchange), set to be held June 21-22, 2022, at Detroit’s Huntington Place convention center.

The Exchange will utilize community-driven research and analysis combined with deep-dive meetings and think-tank–style programming, as well as virtual and face-to-face briefings, conferences and trade shows.

The EV Exchange focuses on three key stakeholder communities: electric vehicle manufacturers and suppliers; energy, utilities and other infrastructure entities needed to create a backbone to enable an influx of EVs; and state, local and federal regulatory and policy agencies.

President Biden’s goal of EV sales encompassing 50% of auto sales by 2030 makes such collaboration even more essential.

“It feels amazing to have a chance to bring a program to fruition which will make a difference and whose mission is to create a positive impact on domestic and global climate and environmental green initiatives,” Paul Sitar, CEO of Sitarian Corporation and Creator and Director of the EV Exchange, said. “Sitarian was fortunate enough to have MAD Event Management forging key relationships with the city of Detroit and to have a decades-long friendship with Richard Mroz, an energy and utility expert with vast experience working with the public sector. It felt incredible to bring all these resources to the table to deliver a unique and strategic program to the industry and city of Detroit. There’s no better city on the planet for the EV Exchange to launch and run this premier EV and next-generation mobility program.”

When talking about the White House’s infrastructure bill to combat climate change, President Biden appeared in the city focusing on GM’s push to electric.

MAD Founder and President Martha Donato
MAD Founder and President Martha Donato

“Paul [Sitar] and I had been discussing our mutual career goals of producing precision events for several years, so when he came to us with the idea of EV Exchange, it was a natural fit for both Sitarian and MAD Events,” Martha Donato, Founder and President, MAD Event Management said. “Being on the ground in Detroit, the undisputed automobile capital of the world, with EV Exchange is a career highlight. We’ve already received great support from the City of Detroit and various industry groups.”

An EV Exchange industry advisory board that will lead content and discussion is in development.

EV Exchange isn’t Donato’s first event in Detroit. She recently launched an event — the Side Hustles & Opportunities Conference — designed for people who would like to have a side hustle or become a freelancer.

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Paul Sitar, CEO of Sitarian Corporation and Creator and Director of the EV Exchange

“Claude Molinari, CEO of Visit Detroit, and Karen Totaro and Greg DeSandy at Huntington Place (formerly the TCF Center) have been so welcoming to us. I can’t speak more highly of the welcome we’ve received in Detroit. They’ve opened every door for us. Side Hustles was created in collaboration with Tom Mitchell, president of Messe Düsseldorf North America, and has resulted in not just Side Hustles & Opportunities but many other projects that we’re considering,”  Donato said. “Detroit is keen to focus its resources to launch business-to-business and business-to-consumer events. The city’s event infrastructure — including its world-class convention center, supportive CVB, international airport, hotels and special event venues — all allow for an exceptional opportunity,” Donato said.

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“We are honored to bring all of these resources to the table to deliver a unique and strategic program for leaders in this emerging business segment, including regulators, government officials, automotive manufacturers, infrastructure service providers and the City of Detroit.” Richard Mroz, EV Exchange Conference Chair, said.

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