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Letter to the Editor regarding ‘Messe In Miami’


“We appreciate your attempt to give balance of the subject.   However, there is absolutely no merit to the claim that Global Spectrum would operate the Miami Beach Convention Center under the European model. Here’s why:

  • Global Spectrum as a company authored and submitted the RFP Response to the City of Miami Beach.
  • Global Spectrum will be the sole contracting entity with the City of Miami Beach.  As such, the City of Miami Beach, our client, would set and approve all polices, which we would carry out on their behalf.
  • Global Spectrum has gone out its way to assure other tradeshow organizers and users of the Convention Center that if we are selected, this facility will be operated by the same high standards at our other twenty-one convention centers, which are all in the US and operated obviously under the U.S. model.  No one organizer would receive an unmerited advantage in booking dates or space at the Convention Center.

“The role of Messe Schweiz is strictly of an advisory nature to Global Spectrum in the areas of making improvements in service levels to existing tenants and helping us book more high-end business that the City of Miami Beach desires.  As part of this partnership, Messe Schweiz has committed to adding one high-end trade show in 2010, and they have also committed to establishing a European sales office for the Miami Beach Convention Center.  This input from Messe Schweiz will allow us to provide significant benefits for the Miami Beach Convention Center.

“There is absolutely nothing in our RFP Response that even remotely reflects doing business under the European model.  I hope you can make this very clear to your readers.”

Frank E. Russo, Jr., senior vice president of Global Spectrum, (860) 657-0634 or

Tom Mobley, senior vice president of Global Spectrum, (843) 704-5473 or

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