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Las Vegas to Expand People Mover

Andrea Doyle, Executive Editor

LAS VEGAS – The Vegas Loop, an underground express transportation solution that will help ease traffic congestion and offer convenient access to world-class resorts and entertainment, is one step closer to reality as the Clark County Commission unanimously approved the special-use permit and franchise agreement for the proposed 29-mile tunnel system designed by Elon Musk’s The Boring Company. The special-use permit allows The Boring Company to apply for and receive building permits to construct the proposed tunnels. The franchise agreement allows the company to operate the system, collect fares and oversee advertising and partnerships.

“The Vegas Loop will be incredibly convenient for both business and leisure visitors, and we can’t wait to add it to the list of Only Vegas amenities they will be able to experience and enjoy,” Steve Hill, president and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, said. “Already, the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop has been a game-changer for convention attendees moving across our 200-acre campus, cutting their trek from 20 minutes or more to around 2 minutes. The prospect of extending this level of transportation innovation to the entire resort corridor is truly exciting.”

There are currently 51 planned stations for the Vegas Loop to serve the Las Vegas Strip and Clark County. The system is also anticipated to connect to the City of Las Vegas and McCarran International Airport. Passengers can travel directly to their desired location without stopping and the Vegas Loop will be a must-experience attraction for visitors.

The development of the Vegas Loop will be funded by The Boring Company, while stations will be paid for by respective property owners. The service will be fare-based for passengers.

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The Vegas Loop will connect to the existing Las Vegas Convention Center Loop, the .8-mile, bi-directional tunnel beneath the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Las Vegas Convention Center Loop became operational in June and allows up to 4,400 convention attendees per hour to be transported across the sprawling campus in just under 2 minutes, free of charge. By foot, the walk would take approximately 25 minutes.

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