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Joint Venture Targets Agriculture Market


NORWALK, Ct. – NXT Events Media Group and Meister Media Worldwide announced that they have created Meister | NXT LLC, a joint venture that will launch new events for global agricultural markets.

Its first event, Growing Innovations, will debut in November at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The focus will be to help farmers realize what lies ahead for them, and the promise of new systems, technologies and alliances.

“This is going to be a very unique event,” said Britton Jones, Chairman & CEO of NXT Events Media Group. “There aren’t any events that are really focused on helping farmers deal with some of the most pressing issues that lie ahead of them. That’s one of the things that intrigued us most about this opportunity.”

While there are many technology events focused on agriculture, none of them address other issues that growers face simultaneously, like fewer acres being allotted to farm production, water and labor shortages, more erratic weather, healthy food trends, and the need to increase the yield to serve the growing population. Growing Innovations will address these topics, as well as the technology component, and even include significant innovations from around the world.

“It’s really going to be about helping the farmer understand the benefits of implementing the technology, rather than just the features of the technology. When these growers leave the event, they’ll be inspired about embracing the change in the industry, and they’ll know how to put these new technologies to use in their operation,” Jones said.

NXT Events Media Group, led by industry veterans Jones and Sharon Enright, have launched 15 successful new shows in their 18 years working together. Their combined experience in the events industry has produced more than 100 events.

Meister Media Worldwide is a leading business and media information company serving specialty agriculture markets in more than 150 countries. Its brands include American Fruit Growers, Precision Ag, and Crop Life. They’ve been around for 85 years and operate a wide range of print and digital products and services. They reach an audience of millions in the agriculture industry, and NXT Events Media Group can help organize events for the industry.

“We complement each other … and it’s a perfect cultural fit as well,” said Enright, President and Chief Operating Officer of NXT Events Media Group. “Like us, they’re very vested and looking to build this out to be a very important and meaningful event in the industry. They want to help the industry move forward with these challenges.”

That big-picture benefit is also an inspiration behind the Meister | NXT LLC venture.

“It’s helping people solve critical problems and making the world a better place,” Jones said.

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