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JD Events Launching Drone Show in Silicon Valley


San Jose, CA – JD Events will launch a trade show for the fledgling commercial drone industry this Fall in California’s tech-heavy Silicon Valley, announced Joel Davis, the company’s founder and CEO.

Drone World Expo will debut November 17-18 at the San Jose Convention Center. The nearby Silicon Valley is considered a hub of development for the technology that powers increasingly sophisticated unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

The new show will feature an interactive exhibition with flying drones as well as components, software/cloud services, training/certification, trade groups, universities/research centers, platforms and other products and services to assist  vertical industries to implement drone technology into their businesses. There will also be two days of conference sessions touching on commercial applications for drones as well as regulatory and legal matters, technology advances and operations. A customer advisory board was announced in January consisting of representatives of drone manufacturers, the energy and agriculture industries, and corporate law firms.

Drone World Expo is the latest entry in the field of trade shows for the UAV industry. Diversified Communications announced last year that it was organizing a drone show in Las Vegas in October. The Dutch group TUSExpo BV will launch TUSExpoat The Hague February 4-6.

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