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InterBev Headed in Two Directions: InterBev Beverage and InterBev Process


Atlanta, GA – More changes are afoot for InterBev, which was acquired by NȕrnbergMesse North America (NMNA) from the American Beverage Association (ABA) in 2011. NMNA last week announced it was splitting the show into two sectors: InterBev Beverage and InterBev Process.

“The move came primarily from exhibitor and attendee demand,” said Andrea Paulinelli, Director of Trade Shows for NMNA in Atlanta. Paulinelli said exhibitor and attendee feedback indicated the scope of InterBev was “too broad” for today’s changing beverage industry. Under the new alignment, InterBev Beverage will focus on shelf-ready products while InterBev Process will cover all other aspects of the industry, including equipment, Paulinelli said.

This year, InterBev Beverage will be a stand-alone show. Still sponsored by the ABA, it will focus on the beverage consumption market and expects to draw roughly 100 exhibitors and 2,000 attendees. In 2012, InterBev had 156 exhibitors and 1,532 attendees and used 28,500 nsf, down from 35,000 nsf in 2010. Beginning in 2015, it will be held annually and will be co-located with FMI Connect, an international show for the food retail trade staged by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI).

FMI Connect, set for June 10-13 at McCormick Place in Chicago, will focus on forecasting the future of food retailing in a global environment. The show was previously a biennial event. To address the transition to an annual show, FMI Connect this year will offer free registration to attendees who came to its 2009, 2011 and 2013 shows.

InterBev Process will be co-located with PROCESS EXPO beginning in 2015, per a March agreement with the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) and NMNA. The International Dairy Show will be staged simultaneously at McCormick Place beginning next year. Food Processing Suppliers Association president and CEO David Seckman said the combination of InterBev ProcessPROCESS EXPO, and International Dairy Show would make Chicago “the epicenter of processing and packaging technologies for the global food and beverage industries.”

PROCESS EXPO was ranked No. 76 among TSE’s Gold 100 shows for 2011 and No. 3 among TSE’s Fastest 50 for the same year in recognition of its 54.8% growth in the number of exhibitors.

NMNA parent company NȕrnbergMesse GmbH already has a strong international beverage portfolio highlighted by beverage show BrauBeviale, which draws 1,300 exhibitors and 33,000 attendees to Germany each year. Paulinelli said that show will include alcoholic beverages for the first time this year and that the company is working to bring other associations into the international network. “We do hope to leverage our relationships in Germany and encourage participation at our shows in the U.S.,” she said. “We plan to grow the beverage side (of our business),” she said.

Reach Andrea Paulinelli at (770) 618-5842 or; David Seckman at (703) 663-1200 or


2005: ABA reacquired InterBev, a show it sold to Reed Exhibitions in 1999. ABA then contracted with Convention Management Group (CMG) to produce the show.

2006: ABA launches new InterBev show.

2007: ABA teamed International Dairy Food Association to provide educational programs at IDFA’s fall show and preview InterBev 2008.

2008: “Green Aisle” added to InterBev by ABA to highlight environmentally friendly products and services.

2009: ABA and International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) announced co-sponsorship of InterBev 2010; also formed alliance with Munich Trade Fairs International Group (MMI) to cross-promote InterBev 2010 and MMI’s drinktec 2009.

2010: InterBev sponsored by ABA and IBWA, added Innovation Awards and Industry Town Hall.

2011: InterBev sold to NurnbergMesse North America (NMNA); ABA agreed to continue as a sponsor.

2012: NMNA staged its first InterBev in Las Vegas.

2014: NMNA divides InterBev into two shows: InterBev Beverage and InterBev ProcessInterBev Beverage to operate on its own in 2014; NMNA partners with Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) to co-locate InterBev Process with PROCESS EXPO starting in 2015.

2015: InterBev Beverage will co-locate with FMI Connect; InterBev Process will co-locate with PROCESS EXPO.

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