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Initial Results of CEIR Index Indicate Good Growth for Exhibitions


Chicago, IL — Overall, the exhibition industry is faring well, with performance measures returning to pre-2000 levels, according to the initial results from the 2005 CEIR Index released by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research. Attendees of CEIR’s Exhibition Industry Senior Executives Summit (EISES) will get the first detailed look at these statistics, which objectively compare the annual growth and performance of exhibitions in four metrics and 11 industry segments, as well as by calendar quarter and size. The summit will be held September 13 at the Washington (DC) Convention Center.

Doug Ducate, President and CEO of CEIR, says that in compiling the data, “We had been cautiously optimistic, but the overall level of improvement was better than expected.” The greatest improvement in industry performance was seen in net square feet, which jumped from 102.3 index points in 2003 to 109.6 in 2004. The slowest performer was revenue, which climbed from 94.1 index points in 2003 to 97.0 in 2004. Professional attendance grew at a similar rate,  from 97.1 to 103.8  and number of exhibitors from 98.3 to 103.3.

Economic Summit Expected to Nearly Double in Size

About 200 to 250 executives are expected to attend EISES, where they will delve further into the data and discover how to use it to compare their own events to the industry. Other presentations will focus on economics, with performance data, forecasts, impact studies and information on mergers and acquisitions. The summit will conclude with an interactive panel featuring industry experts who will discuss and answers questions about factors that may impact exhibition performance in 2006.

EISES will be held in conjunction with the 7th Annual CEIR DC Golf Tournament, which will take place September 12th. Attendees are high-level executives from B2B publishing firms, show management organizations and associations, as well as investment bankers, analysts, venture capitalists, leading industry suppliers and media. Members of CEIR, ABM, IAEM, PCMA and the Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO) can register for the conference for a fee of $195, non-members for $295.

Reach Doug Ducate, President and CEO, CEIR at (312) 673-4826 or


CEIR Index of Exhibition Industry Growth


Year                Net square     Number of                  Number of                  Revenue

                        Feet                Exhibiting Firms       Attendees

2000                100                  100                              100                              100

2001                99.5                 97.9                             97.9                             100.3

2002                96.1                 92.5                             97.6                             97.0

2003                102.3               98.3                             97.1                             94.1

2004                109.6               103.3                           103.8                           97.0

The Index was set at 100 points in the base year of 2000.

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