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Informa and TSE Christen Superyacht Sentinel

Hil Anderson, Senior Editor

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Informa Markets and Trade Show Executive (TSE) have joined forces to launch a unique marketing publication aimed keeping attendees and exhibitors informed about all that’s being created at Informa’s high-profile U.S. yacht shows

“Superyacht Sentinel” is a joint production of Informa and TSE through TSE’s recently launched Creative and Strategic Communications Department.

The online newsletter is distributed regularly to exhibitors and aficionados of the high-end “superyachts” that are among the stars of the shows. The content highlights the festivities aimed at generating buzz and enthusiasm around the shows.

“This newsletter is intended to keep [readers] informed on all that is happening in our growing superyacht community,” Andrew Doole, President, U.S. Boat Shows at Informa, wrote in the inaugural issue in January.

Informa took command of a fleet of established yacht shows based in Florida when it acquired Show Management, Inc. in 2017. One of Doole’s first moves was to create Superyacht Village, a tony exhibit area at the flagship Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS), and which is devoted to the multi-million-dollar vessels that ocean-going dreams are made of. Informa will be launching two more exclusive Superyacht Villages this year at their shows in Miami and Palm Beach.

Superyacht Sentinel will connect with exhibitors and attendees and spread the word about how the shows will appeal to their elite community on a long-term basis. “We have enlisted award-winning journalists to report on and publish stories on pertinent subject matter, dates and information, people, and the interests of our budding community,” Doole wrote.

The launch of Superyacht Sentinel also marks the debut of TSE’s Creative and Strategic Communications Department. The newsletter will be published throughout 2020 under a contract that was signed in December.

“Providing strong, creative content is an important step in building customer communities around a major trade show or public event,” said TSE Vice President & Editor-in Chief Gabrielle Weiss. “Building a strong community through journalism is what we do at TSE, and we are excited about working with the team at Informa to help build up their community of exhibitors and attendees in this luxury lifestyle vertical with our award-winning journalists.”

Superyacht Sentinel fills a valuable niche in Informa’s overall marketing strategy. It does not replace the show daily or the in-depth coverage of products and technology found in boating industry publications. Instead, it focuses on salient show features that are more attendee-friendly, such as food offerings, information about transportation, and hospitality events that draw the crowds.

Lana Bernstein, Vice President of Marketing, U.S. Boat Shows, at Informa, said: “It was created to give the reader more insight into the show. Our shows are consumer driven. They are B2B events, but also shows that are for consumers.”

There is also a direct appeal to exhibitors, who often invite VIP clients to the exhibitions for a look at their latest boats and are seeking social opportunities and other interesting experiences that will be taking place during the show. “They do a tremendous amount of entertaining and they don’t have to find out about an event 10 days before the show opens,” Bernstein said.

Over the years, TSE has developed a keen understanding of what show organizers are doing to appeal to their customers, something marketing agencies outside the industry may not possess. That edge allows TSE to carry the editorial ball while show organizers attend to the many other moving parts required to produce an event.

“We are the show builders and TSE’s people are the editors,” said Bernstein. “They pull together what the show is going to be and what the reader wants to see; it really goes hand in hand.”

Read the most recent issue of Superyacht Sentinel HERE.

Reach Andrew Doole at (954) 463-6762 or; Lana Bernstein at (954) 676-1866 or; Gabrielle Weiss at (312) 493-7753 or

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