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Increase in Postage Rates Will Push More Marketing Dollars to the Internet


Washington, DC – The United States Postal Service Board of Governors voted Nov. 14 to accept the Postal Rate Commission’s recommendations to increase most postal rates by 5.4%. The increase goes in effect January 8 and raises  the rate of First Class mail from 37 cents to 39 cents for the first ounce. The last postage increase was in June of 2002.

Show organizers are assessing how the change will affect their marketing strategies and their budgets. Many believe it will redirect more marketing dollars to the Internet.

Here are the rate changes:

·        First-class mail, first ounce, up 2 cents to 39 cents.

·        First-class, each additional ounce, up 1 cent to 24 cents.

·        Post card, up 1 cent to 24 cents.

·        Priority Mail, base rate up 20 cents to $4.05.

·        Priority Mail, one pound, up 30 cents to $6.15.

·        Express Mail, 8 ounces, up 75 cents to $14.40.

·        Parcel Post, 2 pounds, up 22 cents to $4.36.

·        Certified mail, up 10 cents to $2.40.

·        Money orders up 5 cents to 95 cents.

·        Weekly news magazine, up 1 cent to 18.5 cents.

·        Household magazine, up 1.5 cents to 28.9 cents.

·        In-county newspaper, down 0.2 cents to 5.8 cents.

·        Small nonprofit publication, up 1.4 cents to 28.3 cents.

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