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IAEE Launches Sales Academy


Dallas, TX – The International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) is offering a new sales training program that consists of a two-day “boot camp” and a series of virtual learning follow-ups that will help reinforce the techniques.

The IAEE Sales Academy is based on the Sandler® system, which uses coaching, repetition and reinforcement to keep sales professionals focused and up-to-date on their techniques.

The academy is worth 12 professional development hours for students enrolled in the CEM Learning Program. Registration information will be available soon on the IAEE website.

The IAEE Sales Academy consists of two phases. The first is a boot camp focusing on sales technique, behavior and attitude. The session will be held September 20-21 at the Baltimore Convention Center. The training is part instructional and part motivational. The boot camp is followed up by a “reinforcement program” that uses monthly 90-minute virtual labs to reinforce what was learned in the boot camp.

The reinforcement aspect is aimed at refreshing the memories of participants who may not have completely absorbed the large volume of information presented at the boot camp, or have forgotten some of the finer points. These refreshers offset the tendency of people to forget much of what they heard at a seminar and return to the office with only a few standout points or phrases to put to use.

Reach IAEE President Steven Hacker at (972) 458-8002 or

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