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History Is Uncovered as The National Trade Centre Expands


Toronto, ON – An archaeological excavation is underway to map the locations of historical objects and buildings on the expansion site of The National Trade Centre in Toronto. This excavation and mapping process was a planned step in the expansion of the facility, whose footprint includes Stanley Barracks, one of the earliest military sites in Toronto.

The National Trade Centre features 1 million square feet of prime exhibit space, making it the largest convention center in Canada, according to Trade Show Executive’s Directory of the World’s Top Convention Centers. When compared to U.S. facilities, it eclipses all but seven convention centers in terms of prime square feet of exhibit space. The expansion will add a new hotel and  a 75,000 square foot conference center with a pedestrian link.

The purpose of the excavation is to create a historic record of the site and to preserve the items removed. The National Trade Centre underwent the same process in 2003 when its Ricoh Coliseum underwent renovation, and when ground was first broken for the facility  in 1995. Many of the objects uncovered previously are on display in the building.

Stanley Barracks was established in 1841 and constituted the center of the Toronto garrison. From 1947 until 1951, it was used for post-war emergency housing. Between 1951 and 1953, the City of Toronto demolished most of the buildings, leaving only the Officers’ Quarters.

Completion of the  expansion to The National Trade Centre is scheduled for Spring 2007 and will coincide with the center’s 10th anniversary.

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