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High-end Collectible Car Show Headed to Miami Beach


A new type of show for the car aficionado is cruising into Miami Beach.

The Switzerland-based global live marketing firm MCH Group has partnered with the Florida city, where Grand Basel will make its North American debut.

Scheduled for Feb. 22-24, 2019, the exhibit is described as a global salon for the world’s most important and valuable automobiles of the past, present and future and will feature 200 masterpiece automobiles presented in the cultural context of design, architecture and art. Grand Basel is designed to offer collectors, restoration and conservation experts, dealers, manufacturers and connoisseurs a global platform for exchange. The show caters to international connoisseurs, experts and collectors, as well as anyone interested in automobile aesthetics, technological sophistication, arts and culture.

“From Miami Beach, we will be able to reach an extensive audience of discerning car collectors and enthusiasts who are eager for a show like no other, one that positions the automobile in a curated environment, where it can be elevated to that of a work of art,” Grand Basel Global Director Mark Backé said in a statement.

This will be MCH Group’s second American event and the second to take place in in Miami Beach. It already hosts specialty art show Art Basel.

“The City of Miami Beach has been an exemplary partner with Art Basel for the past 16 years, so it’s with great pleasure that we now join together to solidify the North American presence of Grand Basel,” Backé said.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber also expressed enthusiasm for the continuing partnership.

“Miami Beach is fortunate to have Grand Basel launching its American show from our city. We all look forward to making this another premier international event for many years to come,” he said in the release.

MCH Group first announced the Grand Basel’s global exhibition format in 2017, and the inaugural event will premier Sept. 6-9 in Basel, Switzerland. Each event will showcase a different and carefully curated collection of vehicles selected by internationally renowned personalities, as well as engaging panel discussions with numerous expert attendees.

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