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Greater Columbus Convention Center’s Battelle Grand Open for Business


Columbus, OH – The Greater Columbus Convention Center unveiled its newly renovated ballroom, Battelle Grand, February 4.

Battelle Grand was converted from the existing Battelle Hall and now holds the status of largest ballroom in Ohio. The $40 million renovation took 16 months and provides 74,000 square feet of carpeted meeting space, with 50,000 square feet on the main floor and a 24,000 square-foot mezzanine level connected by escalators. The multi-purpose space can also be divided by moveable wall systems into five different configurations.

A feature of the new ballroom is its view of downtown Columbus through a 30’x100’ floor-to-ceiling window in the south wall of the hall. Additionally, a high-tech ceiling system provides LED lights that offer 65,000 different customizable color combinations.

The Greater Columbus Convention Center provides 336,000 square feet of prime exhibit space and 107,410 square feet of meeting space. The facility is owned by the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority and is managed by SMG.

Reach Greater Columbus Convention Center Regional General Manager Craig Liston at (614) 827-2500 or

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