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GES Plus Series Delivers Seamless and Simplified Services

Andrea Doyle, Senior News Editor

LAS VEGAS — GES’s just-launched Plus Series is designed to simplify its ordering, rate structure and invoicing by packaging labor and materials. The initiative is the industry’s broadest simplification of multiple exhibitor services and product offerings, designed to end the guesswork around exhibiting for both exhibitors and show organizers.

GES has analyzed all pricing structures and created a comprehensive, easy-to-understand series, kicking off with GES Material Handling+ and GES Electrical+. These will be followed by other programs throughout the remainder of 2021.

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For example, GES Material Handling+ shifts measurement from per hundredweight to pounds, which will allow exhibitors to easily calculate material handling costs by multiplying the weight of their shipment by one of two rates, standard or non-standard, or a flat rate if the shipment is less than 25 lbs. The simplified service allows exhibitors to ship directly to the show or advance warehouse at no additional cost. GES Electrical+ offers an all-inclusive outlet packaged price, which includes all items needed to complete an order (outlet, materials and labor).

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Jeff Quade, GES Executive Vice President Exhibitions

“Working with our clients, we know that the exhibiting process can be complex and difficult. GES is strongly committed to making it easier for exhibitors and show organizers to create the experiences they want with less hassle. We have taken action to simplify the ordering and billing process by making it easier and more transparent,” said Jeff Quade, GES Executive Vice President Exhibitions.

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In addition, GES Transportation+ offers exhibitors a 10% discount when shipping round-trip with GES Logistics. The program also features no carrier wait times, free weight certificates, priority move-in and move-out, and discount pricing. GES Transportation+ is available for domestic, non-local shipments of 5,000 lbs. or less.

Learn more about the GES Plus Series here.


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