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Freeman Launches Impact Report Focused on its People, Principles and the Planet

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DALLASFreeman, a leader in trade shows and events, has released its 2023 Annual Impact Report highlighting its initiatives focused on driving positive impact in three core areas — its People, Principles, and the Planet.

“We believe creative energy can spark positive change that promotes equity and wellbeing for all. That’s why our annual Impact Report focuses on the three core areas of People, Principles and the Planet. Every day, we need to set our people up for success, create a culture of results-oriented principles centered around integrity, and continuously evolve as an industry to bring new ideas and perspectives to the market. This will help position us for the future by remaining true to who we have always been and what we’ve always done — connecting people in meaningful ways,” said Janet Dell, President and Chief Operating Officer of Freeman. 

Dell will take over the CEO role at Freeman on July 1, when Bob Priest-Heck retires. 

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“As the leader in events, we have always been at the forefront of our industry, setting the standard for the next generation,” Priest-Heck said. “This compels us to always find new ways to be better and do more for the communities we are part of and for the planet. We know our efforts for positive impact and change are amplified when we work together as an industry.”

The Freeman Impact Report focuses on these three key areas with the goal of always striving to do and be better:

  • People: Putting people (employees, customers, partners, and attendees) at the center of everything Freeman does, which translates to equitable and ethical treatment for all.
  • Principles: Creating a culture of integrity and committing to doing work ethically and safely.
  • Planet: Bringing new ideas and perspectives to market through events while minimizing impact to support a healthier planet.

“Our values guide us in everything we do at Freeman,” Dell said. “We are committed to cultivating the best talent and creating the best experiences for our clients with the goal of making a better future.”

Freeman’s work touches all aspects of the events industry, and as a founding member of the Net Zero Carbon Events (NZCE) industry initiative, it has pledged to work individually and collaboratively to achieve the goal of being net zero.

Among the initiatives it has in place to achieve this goal are reducing use and transitioning to more sustainable fuels, encouraging rental structures, increasing recycled and recyclable content, and expanding its donation and recycling programs. 

An example of its progress is from SAP Sapphire, SAP’s flagship in-person event that attracts more than 10,000 attendees annually. Last year, Freeman’s Orlando operation worked with SAP to recycle and reuse 100 tons of carpet and padding. 

Freeman is a company focused on investing in its people. Its workforce consists of 4,591 employees and a 92.3% retention rate. Women hold 46% of senior management positions, and one in three employees identify as racially or ethnically diverse.

“Our people are the foundation that allows us to design, build and deliver the incredible experiences that inspire and captivate millions each year. And with a 92.3% retention rate, we believe we’re doing something right,” the report states. 

View and download the full Freeman Impact Report here.

Reach Bob Priest-Heck at and Janet Dell at


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