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Freeman and BD Metrics Form Strategic Partnership


Dallas, TX and Baltimore, MD – Freeman and BD Metrics announced today that they have finalized a strategic partnership that will offer proprietary digital services for their mutual clients, beginning with new product development in 2008. Together, the two companies will help show organizers beef up their events with new online tools as well as BDMetrics’ award-winning  You-Based ™ personalization software technology. “We are very excited to be working together to bring new products and services to our mutual clients that will further enhance the value of their events, both live and online,”  said Jeff Price, executive vice president for Freeman.

BDMetrics deployed its technology not only as a convenience to trade show attendees but as a means for show organizers to bolster the critical return-on-investment (ROI) measurement for companies that include live events in their marketing budgets. “By combining the power of online with the face-to-face experience, we can now quantify with hard data, that exhibiting at and attending trade shows is the best us of a company’s resources,” said BDMetrics CEO Rick Geritz.

The BDMetrics technology carries out data-mining of the show’s agenda and exhibitor list and consolidates pertinent results into a package for each attendee. The package lists events and products that match up with the preferences of the attendee and delivers it to their e-mail in-box prior to the show. The result is a highly efficient schedule that enables each attendee to make the very best use of their limited time at the show.

At the same time, exhibitors can rest assured that the most-promising potential customers at the show will have a roadmap to their booth and are less likely to miss connecting with them.

BDMetrics won Trade Show Executive’s Innovation Award in 2006 and the Innovation in Business Solutions Award from the International Association of Exhibitions and Events in 2007.

Reach Jeff Price at  (800) 453-9228 or; Rick Geritz at (410) 402-1037 or

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