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Final Piece of 7-part CEIR ROI Playbook Series Released


The series is now complete.

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) just released the final piece of its 7-part ROI Playbook series, “Where Value and Metrics Vary by Event Size.”

The 13-page report tackles the “bigger is better” myth, identifying competitive advantages for shows of all sizes and the nuances between small and large shows. It also examines the attendee decision-making process, and how well events perform against expectations.

Some of the ROI Playbook’s findings on large events include:

*As an event size increases, so does the importance of a broader number of shopping objectives.

*Attendees are more apt to focus on pre-planning and on-site tracking to shopping-related activities.

Some of the ROI Playbook’s findings on small events include:

*Attendees place more importance on more aspects of the show, and want an impactful experience with valuable learning.

*Attendees are tougher critics when evaluating the event.

*The smallest events get highest Net Promoter Scores.

Additionally, the report analyzes how attendees pre-plan and track activities while visiting an event, and how well B2B exhibitions perform to these metrics.

All seven reports in CEIR’s ROI Playbook series are free and online, thanks to sponsorships from PCMA Education Foundation and IAEE. View them at

CEIR Vice President of Research Nancy Drapeau, PRC, said one of the key takeaways from all of these reports is that B2B exhibitions are top-ranked information sources for professionals who attend, both in supporting business professionals’ purchasing decisions as well as business information needs.

“That is a big deal in today’s world with so much information shared digitally,” Drapeau said. “The results also pinpoint unique differences in behaviors and expectations among business professionals by demographic breaks, by age and by generation. It also uncovers that some expectations and preferences vary based on the size of an event visited.”

There are no plans for future ROI Playbooks at this time, a CEIR spokeswoman said.

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