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EventMingle Adds Twitter Feature to Social Networking Platform


Bend, OR – Trade show attendees will not have to sign up for Twitter in order to make use of the popular social networking tool through EventMingle.

EventMingle announced it had added support for Twitter to its networking platform in a way that accommodates both experienced and novice tweeters.

Attendees who are not already on Twitter can monitor the tweets sent out from the show without having to set up a Twitter account. Those who are part of the Twitter scene may post their professional information on an EventMingle message board and make themselves known to fellow Twitter buffs who are attending the show.

Jim Harrer, co-creator of EventMingle, said Twitter was a natural addition to EventMingle’s web-based capabilities, which focus on getting individual buyers and sellers together at trade shows. During the beta test phase the last three months, EventMingle participants sent Tweets during keynote and breakout sessions; discussed the food and venue; and more. He noted, “One person sent a Tweet inviting people to meet him in the lobby of the bar for a drink and to his surprise over 100 people showed up.”

EventMingle Twitter support is now out of beta and available in the EventMingle Tradeshow Edition.

Reach Jim Harrer at (949) 607-0980 or

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