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DRPG and Maritz Global Events Form Global Alliance

Andrea Doyle, Executive Editor
David Peckinpaugh, president of Maritz Global Events, and Dale Parmenter, CEO of DRPG, a creative communications agency based in the U.K., shared an e-stage during a virtual event to announce a strategic alliance.

ST. LOUIS  – Creative communications group, DRPG, and Maritz Global Events have formed a new global alliance – “More Than Experience.”

This new alliance between the two companies that have worked together for the past six years will place an ever-stronger focus on the delegate experience and delivering memorable, sustainable solutions.

Leveraging behavioral science, research and insights in communication methodology and design, DRPG and Maritz Global Events will help organizations navigate the new, post-pandemic realities of engaging key stakeholders.

“The pandemic has forever changed the landscape of our industry, and our clients are asking ‘What’s next?’ They want and need something new and different as they are expected to push boundaries, justify budgets and increase the power of their event investments,” David Peckinpaugh, President, Maritz Global Events, said. “With this creative alliance, clients can expect an even more considered approach, putting the audience and the outcome at the very heart of the solution.”

Dale Parmenter, founder and CEO, DRPG, said, “With More Than Experience we’re challenging the ways our industry has always done things. It’s a different way of looking at communication, a different way of working. We want to shake things up, by making all the things the market has told us they wanted more of, possible.”

According to Greg Bogue, Enterprise VP, Brand, Experience & Innovation Ecosystems, Maritz, collaboration is key. “Every experience is about the journey, not just the destination,” he said explaining the eight distinct phases of an event experience.

They include the announcement, attracting the right audience, anticipating and building excitement, arriving and entering into the event experience, engaging over the course of the event, the all-important ending and the final phase, which is extending value past the live experience.

“This alliance enables us to focus on experiences like never before, ultimately benefiting our clients with solutions that are purposeful, scalable, holistic and customized to fit their needs,” Peckinpaugh added.


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