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DeSilva+Phillips Forms Team to Help Troubled Media Companies


New York, NY – The investment banking firm DeSilva+Phillips is helping media companies take some proactive steps to avoid trouble in the developing economic downturn by creating a new team dedicated to helping companies restructure their operations.

The Operational Restructuring practice unveiled in December offers its services to private equity funds, commercial lenders and media companies who have run into turbulence due to the upheaval in the credit markets and economy in general.

DeSilva+Phillips said the decision to launch the new operation was made after the company saw a surge in recent months of requests from media companies and their backers for help navigating the brewing business storm.

Kenneth Collins, a partner and CFO of DeSilva+Phillips, was selected to run the unit along with James Zielinski, founder of Zielinski Financial Advisors, LLC, an independent financial consulting firm that is affiliated with DeSilva+Phillips.

“Ken’s experience and reputation make him uniquely qualified to lead this new initiative, and his knowledge of financial services will be instrumental in the growth and success of our restructuring practice,” said Managing Partner Roland DeSilva.

The services offered include a stem-to-stern analysis of the client’s company that will seek out ways to cut costs and grow revenues.  Particular attention is paid to the development of digital strategies as well as the measurement of performance against industry standards found in DeSilva+Phillips’ database of media company metrics.

DeSilva+Phillips will also go to bat for their clients with their creditors in order to restructure debt and advise them on the shedding of assets.

Reach Roland DeSilva at (212) 686-9700 or; Kenneth Collins at (212) 686-9700 or

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