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DC Convention Center Leads the Industry by Installing Cutting-Edge Air Purification System

Frances Ferrante, Senior Editor

Walter E. Washington Convention Center WASHINGTON, D.C. There’s no question that indoor air quality is the next frontier for safety, not only in convention facilities but everywhere that people gather. This drove Events DC to install a building-wide microbial reduction system from Synexis BioDefense in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center becoming the first center to do so.

Events DC tapped MAVEN Security Technologies for its Surface & Virus Reduction (SAVR), a complete technology solution for improving indoor air quality, with the patented DHP™ (Dry Hydrogen Peroxide) technology by Synexis as its centerpiece. The system provides continuous microbial reduction in every corner of a room without disturbing people’s normal work operations or workflow.

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The devices were installed throughout the center, in both common areas and employee-only areas. The difference is noticeable, according to Hootan Kaboli, Vice President, Facility Operations and Services, Events DC. “It’s no exaggeration that in some instances, you can really smell the difference.”

Events DC had been following the science of air purification from the onset of the pandemic. “In doing so, we realized the shift in priority from surface cleaning to HVAC health early on,” Kaboli said. “Surface cleaning still remains a priority and a part of our overall standards, but this shift resulted in Events DC rethinking our deployment in technologies and maintenance. As a result, we not only have a more robust plan of action in our air filtration protocols and preventative maintenance. We partnered with Synexis to ensure we are doing everything within our power to invest in cleaning and reducing the risk of contaminants within the air we breathe at our venue.”

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The response from show organizers has been overwhelmingly positive. “They have been asking questions that I have rarely been asked throughout my career about things like filter grade, fresh air cycle counts, the amount and size of air handlers which leads me to believe that they, too, have become in tune with the importance of air quality in managing the spread of contaminants and viruses,” Kaboli said.

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