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Convention Centers Partner with Hybrid Studios to Meet Today’s Demand and Tomorrow’s Future

Judy Williams - News Editor

PITTSBURGH – Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center (DLCC) has announced a partnership with CNTV. This deal follows on the heels of the recent formation of The Confluence, an Event Studio, Convention News Television (CNTV)’s new mobile studio located at the downtown convention center. The Confluence enables event organizers to live stream, pre-record presentations and host hybrid events. The mobile studio features cutting-edge technology, a professional setting and space to present webinars, panel discussions, training, keynotes and summits.

“The DLCC continues to look for unique ways to best serve our clients’ needs in a COVID-19 environment, and as the demand for hybrid meetings grows we are thrilled to connect them with CNTV, the experts in bringing events to TV and mobile screens with flair,” said DLCC General Manager Tim Muldoon.

But wait. With mass vaccinations underway globally, aren’t we all headed back to face-to-face events, leaving hybrid meetings in the dust?

Not necessarily. Trade show organizers should look to hybrid as an important supplement to existing and future programs, said Carrie Ferenac, Co-Founder & President, CNTV, an event support team that specializes in the design, strategy and production of hybrid events. “Digital experiences will never replace face-to-face interaction.”

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Ferenac reminds us that COVID-19 has taught us that innovation is born through necessity. “Our industry came to an absolute standstill and responded with ingenuity and grit, and while we know that virtual events are not a solution, or a replacement, we did what we had to do,” she said. “This has been a devastating year that has proven the economic impact of exhibitions and events, and I believe the industry will be back and better than ever.”

The DLCC joins many other convention centers throughout the country that are remodeling areas into the digital realm by creating virtual studios with state-of-the-art equipment for digital and in-person presentations.

“CNTV can help our customers envision what they need for a premier hybrid meeting, and they are equipped to help our clients make the most of The Confluence’s features, as well as our facility’s space. They are a natural extension of the planning teams,” said Muldoon.

Reach Carrie Ferenac at (407) 960-3967 or; Tim Muldoon at (412) 0325-6150 or



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