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CompuSystems Offers Lead Management that Works from Show to Show


Broadview, IL – CompuSystems, Inc. is offering a lead management system, tailored for multi-show exhibitors, in a partnership with software developer Validar Corp.  The RPM (Record, Post, Manage) service enables  exhibitors to read and record attendee badges of virtually any format (barcode, mag-stripe, smart cards, even business cards) and automatically populate the data into a lead  qualification form.

“Exhibitors don’t have to sign up for lead retrieval at every show,” said CompuSystems Director of Marketing Kahle Williams. Exhibitors sign a contract with CompuSystems – usually about a year in length  — that gives them access to a web site portal, which collects data scanned from attendee name badges. It also covers the different types of scanners needed to handle the various badges used by show organizers.

“Exhibitors contact us and we arrange to have the proper equipment shipped to them for that particular show,” Williams said. “Some equipment reads mag-strip; others read bar codes. So depending on the show and the registration company, we provide the appropriate equipment.”

The easier logistics is welcomed by exhibitors who participate in dozens of shows per year. Their life is also made easier at the home office by the RPM system’s ability to enter data into a master database using a single format, and its built-in analytical capabilities.

“One of the big advantages of the RPM system is the web site portal that exhibitors can post their data into after the show,” said Williams. “From their portal, they can manage their leads across all of their shows, and  they can see how Show A compared to Show B.”

RPM (Record, Post, Manage) accesses the Internet through the USB port on a common laptop computer or other PC. No new software is required so the exhibitors can use different computers as needed while on the road and also can use the machine for other tasks while plugged into the RPM system.

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