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CEIR’s Event Analyzer 2.0 Will Aid Trade Show Planners in a COVID World

Andrea Doyle, Senior News Editor

DALLAS – During a recent Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) webinar, CEIR VP of Research Nancy Drapeau and Economist, and Allen Shaw, Ph.D., President and Chief Economist – Global Economic Consulting Associates, introduced the trade show industry to CEIR’s Event Analyzer 2.0, a new tool to help event planners ramp up their strategic planning focus.

According to Drapeau, the analyzer gives show managers a snapshot of their own event, including market performance; 13 free charts also provide new content. “You can generate these numbers for your own event but also benchmark against other events, and this can be especially helpful for those who organize a portfolio of events,” she said.

The Event Performance Analyzer 2.0 is designed to provide trade show planners with a benchmark as to how their show is performing against the CEIR Index metrics, to include:

Net Square Feet (NSF)

Number of Exhibitors

Professional Attendance

Real Revenue (inflation adjusted revenue)

Drapeau said it’s of critical importance to have a plan now and to be prepared to revisit it. “Plan now, even if your events are paused,” she said, adding that given the changes in the marketplace, it behooves event planners to start now because the crisis will end and we need to be ready. “We’re all in this together; every trade show organizer is facing the same threats and opportunities.” Drapeau believes small events are likely to open first and that larger shows face bigger challenges when people have to fly in. “It’s complicated,” she admitted, adding that she doesn’t believe the industry will stage a full comeback until a vaccine is widely available and distributed.

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“This year is going to be pretty rough; the industry will contract again this year,” she said. However, she also believes that when a vaccine is approved and widely distributed by next year, we can expect a full recovery from this year’s contraction.

The Analyzer 2.0 is designed to help focus strategic planning discussions to help build consensus on where to invest resources to grow an event; new attendee acquisition, exhibit sales, etc.; bragging rights for when your event outperforms the market; and finally, the tools to help determine where to acquire or launch events and resolve other critical business decisions. The Appendix has other resources to help you plan.

The Analyzer 2.0 offers free and premium content. To learn more about The Analyzer 2.0, go to

Reach Nancy Drapeau at (972) 687-9242 or or Allen Shaw at




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