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Canon’s New Orthopaedic Show Outgrows Exhibit Hall Before Launch


Los Angeles, CA – Canon Communications LLC said it would redraw the exhibit floor of next year’s inaugural OrthoTec Exposition & Conference and possibly expand into a temporary hall in order to accommodate the higher-than-expected demand for space at the small, specialized show.

The new event for the orthopaedic device industry will launch May 12-13, 2010 at the Orthopaedic Capital Center at Grace College. That’s in the small town of Winona Lake,, IN adjacent to the orthopaedic manufacturing hub of Warsaw, IN.

Canon banked on the thriving U.S. orthopaedic industry centered in the Midwest to draw exhibitors and attendees to greater Warsaw and the 15,000 gross square-foot exhibit hall at Grace College. That strategy appears to have paid off in spades. The event sold out in 12 weeks and there is currently a waiting list for additional exhibitors.

Canon estimated the exhibit area currently encompassed around 8,000 net square feet (nsf) and could be expanded to 12,000 nsf if show management decides to add a temporary structure.

“The temporary structure being considered will only be able to accommodate another 50 to 60 companies, which will not satisfy demand, but will allow more key orthopaedic suppliers to join the event,” said Joshua Dome, director of sales for Canon.

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