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Canon to Launch New Manufacturing Show


Los Angeles, CA – Canon Communications has added a version of its Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) shows to serve the Midwest U.S. market. Medical Design & Manufacturing Midwest will debut Sept. 23-25, 2008 as a co-location with five other manufacturing shows held annually at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.

Kevin O’Keefe, Canon senior vice president of events, said the new event would cater to a five-state market worth an estimated $20 billion that was considered underserved by Canon’s two current MD&M shows on the East and West Coasts. The area is home to around 1,800 medical manufacturing facilities and some 20,000 readers of Canon’s magazines. “Historically, only a small fraction of this audience has been in attendance at any of our other medical shows,” O’Keefe said. “MD&M Midwest will be a great new business opportunity for our exhibitors.”

Canon said it expected MD&M Midwest to include 50,000 net square feet of exhibit space and draw 300 exhibiting companies and 4,000 attendees from the medical design and manufacturing sector. The show will also include a technical conference.

MD&M Midwest is a logical extension of the very successful MD&M franchise and business model.  Positioning trade shows in the geographic center of their served markets has predictably resulted in growing events and rewarding experiences for both attendees and exhibitors,” said Charles McCurdy, chairman and CEO of Canon.  “In addition, aligning MD&M Midwest with five other related shows creates the sort of front to back end design and manufacturing event that has become a hallmark of Canon around the country,” he added.

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