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Bizzabo Launches AI-powered Scheduling Tool to Accelerate Event Experiences

Judy Williams, Senior News Editor

NEW YORK — After landing a record $138 million in funding late last year, Bizzabo, a data-driven event marketing technology (SaaS) for virtual, in-person and hybrid events, bought Whalebone, a Swedish technology that uses sensors and deep learning to replicate in-person audience elements across virtual events. On June 7, the company acquired, an Ai-powered scheduler to help ease the challenge of coordinating meetings at events., an AI-powered scheduling and matchmaking engine will be integrated into the Bizzabo platform in the next few months.

Bizzabo’s event platform will offer trade shows:

  • Meeting Scheduler: Allows attendees to easily schedule meetings with each other, whether they’re in-person or virtual
  • Bizzabo for Exhibitors: Enables companies presenting at events with state-of-the-art meeting management technology to find and engage their most relevant customers
  • Smart Recommendations: Increases participants satisfaction by personalizing their event journey and proactively recommending relevant content and people to meet with

The platform enables personalized recommendations that automatically suggest who to meet with and the times to connect. Contextual matchmaking brands can engage with their target customers as generates well-matched times for attendees and exhibitors to meet across time zones, including sending follow-ups and reminders, and managing cancelations.

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Alon Alroy, Co-Founder, CMO and CCO at Bizzabo
Alon Alroy, Co-Founder, CMO and CCO at Bizzabo

“Trade shows are a great opportunity for brands to meet and engage with their target customers. Whether virtual or in person, companies exhibiting at trade shows typically host meetings consecutively throughout the entire day. It’s a tedious task for the event organizers to not only plan these meetings but to make sure that they are meeting with the right people and prospects,” Alon Alroy, Co-Founder, CMO and CCO at Bizzabo, said.

In the near future, Alroy sees an offering for sponsors, attendees, and organizers at trade shows to meet and connect. “This will be integrated via our app and website platform.”

At trade shows, sponsors and organizers can leverage their Bizzabo event website to connect attendees and exhibitors directly through the platform, where they will be able to set preferences, communicate, and set up meetings all directly.

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