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Advisor Communications Joins Electric Bike Expo Development Team


Framingham, MA – Advisor Communications has joined the team organizing a series of road shows for electric bicycles that will take place next year.

Advisor, a Massachusetts event development firm led by industry veteran Bill Sell, will be part of Extra Energy Services North America, Inc.  The road show features a 1,500-foot, non-slip indoor test track designed to give bicycle retailers the opportunity to put the motorized bikes through their paces.

About 24 electric-bike exhibitors will take part in the tour.

The road show is called Electric Bike Expo and will launch in January at Emerald Expositions’ IBD Summit in Tempe, AZ.  IDB Summit is part of the Interbike brand, which is among the sponsors of the Electric Bike Expo.

The tour also has three-day stops scheduled in Palm Springs, CA; Austin, TX; Mountain View, CA; Portland, OR; and a sixth location in May, which has yet to be determined. The track itself will be unveiled at Interbike in the Fall of 2015 and will be part of the industry flagship show for the next three years.

Extra Energy Services North America is connected to, a German conglomerate that specializes in electric bikes and has a significant presence in the European bicycle industry.

Reach Bill Sell at (508) 596-6118 or 

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