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3e/EXPOCAD by ACT, Inc. acquires ExpoCharger International

Frances Ferrante, Senior Editor

AURORA, Ill. —  EXPOCAD, a leading suite of software products for creating, managing and marketing events and exhibitors, has acquired ExpoCharger International. The news was announced during the Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO) CEO Summit in St. Petersburg, Fla. The Expocharger products all integrate seamlessly with the EXPOCAD software and are now known as EXPOCAD Marketplace.

EXPOCAD has been a mainstay in the exhibition, fairs and festivals industries since 1989, when it introduced its first graphics-based exhibition management software for event organizers. Today, it is also used by contractors, to seamlessly track exhibitor data, exhibitor moves and floorplan changes, and its suite of tools for event organizers has expanded beyond the exhibit floor to include financial reporting and invoicing features, as well as exhibitor marketing tools.

EXPOCAD’s technology is used on almost every event in North America and many overseas — more than 8,000 events in 24 countries. Its latest tools include 3e Platform, 3eRevenue, Visual Plan and ELI.

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“This is the perfect time to join forces with a long-time business partner,” Rich Stone, CEO of 3e/EXPOCAD, said. “We are looking forward to having the expertise and trade show experience that ExpoCharger can bring as a part of our new 3e platform rollout. Working together closely for over 20 years, it was clear that working as one would accelerate innovation and product growth.”

All ExpoCharger staff will continue with 3e/EXPOCAD in similar positions.

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